Mystery/Thriller Story on Wattpad!

What would you have done when your boyfriend- valedictorian swim star, and bestfriend- trouble-making bad boy, dies right before your eyes? And what if they’re still alive- in your head, hallucinations that kept you sane? And what would you do when you know their deaths weren’t accidents?

What would you do then?

Abby Schuler has been under the public’s scrutinizing eyes for a long time. Daughter of a billionaire tycoon, caught in a love affair’s results…and the only witness to the deaths of two teenagers. Thing is those two teenagers were her friends and no one else knows it’s a murder. People believed they had just fallen to their demise; she didn’t believe they were dead. Locked inside her head as figments of her imagination, they were the only ones keeping her sane from the guilt. But when the past comes to bite her again, she’d need more than just her memories and hallucinations. She’d need to embrace them.


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