Sign of the Cycle Update

Chapter One of the Sign of the Cycle has finally been posted!


Devivo was just as he remembered: cheery laughs and colourful clothes, wondrous gardens and beautiful structures.   Every day seemed like a festival in Devivo. Stone and wooden buildings three horse-high with streamers, flags and flowers lined the cobbled streets; the citizens of Devivo bustled about, talking happily with one another. Laternpoles illuminated the roads, not letting a single shadow pierce through the light. Children played about in the town square, the hub of the city, where the statue of a Man in armour with a Unicorn Beast stood proudly beneath the moon’s gaze. The Champion’s Statue: one of the eight that existed in Arald.

 Edwin looked up at the Man and then to the Unicorn. He lifted his left hand, letting it brush down the dais on which the two figures rested on. The insignia carved onto the stone dais felt smooth beneath his touch: a design within a circle, the sigils of Forever, Life and Death. His hand dropped and he walked past the statue without a second glance.

 Oh how he hated the city and all of her obliviousness.


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