Spontaneous Writing

So I haven’t been touching my stories for quite awhile now and they’ve been staring back at me for quite some time.


That being said though, some new followers and favourites on Fanfiction.net for my Frost Magic (you can find the summary of it here) has inspired me to get to a new chapter for it. So I took out my phone, opened up a note and started writing in the train on my way to school this morning. Good news is that I’ve started on it. Bad news is that I’m stuck on how to go through with it. There’s a scene of Jack, McGonagall and….yeah I’m not too sure.

Oof, that moment when your plot bunny for a story deserts you.


Other Things besides Studying

I’m suppose to be revising and yet my mind keep straying.

It’ll be quick then. The first being this interesting notion.


You can find the post on tumblr here, including a few paragraphs that some creative people had already done. It’s a rather intriguing prospect in writing and no, I won’t go into details about how it’d be difficult to write and all. I’ll leave that to those who are neck deep in the technicalities of writing. But if I were to write something like that, how nice would it be? A character of my own make, interacting with me. And though I can control the situation, I’m also testing my temptations: will I make the perfect love story or will I make a realistic and lovely story?

The White Rabbit

The title’s a reference to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland character and has a sort of significance in this post,

Remember how Alice tried to catch the white rabbit as he exclaimed, “I’m late!” or something along those lines?

Well, there’s a plot bunny running around in my head screaming at me to catch it.

Oh how I lo(ve)athe new ideas…they’re always so fun to play around with but somehow, manage to delude you into procrastinating everything else. And honestly, having my first bunny spawn so many others isn’t helping me right now.