NaNoWriMo 2014: Knifeflight, a novel

Knifeflight Cover


The Knifeflight was a move legendary among Hounds. Two knives, spinning in silvers arcs, dancing between blood and bones. It’s taken down Supernaturals and Unnaturals alike, more kills than any other Hound has ever gotten.

The founder and master of this move is Jaiden Tran.

Jaiden works with (not for) Dresden Enterprise Hounds Division (DEHD), as part of the specialist department. Her job’s mainly to investigate and tackle any Non-Natural (Nones for short) activity, snuffing it out before any more serious harm can befall upon the city.

(They’re not the police, don’t offend them by calling them that.)

But in her 17 years of being a Hound, this is the first time she’s had to handle more than just taking down Nones. There’s a bunch of trainees to babysit, an inter-clan war imminent and her secrets at a risk of being exposed; Jaiden is honestly not ready to face it all.

‘Cos I know this time, everything’s about to go wrong.


My novel I’m writing for NaNoWrimo 2014! I’m at a good 6000 or so words and that’s the most I’ve ever written in a long time. I’m so excited! 😀


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