Lately I’ve been writing more fanfic than I have been on original stories.

Lately I’ve been working on Kpop fanfic (shhh it’s a good area of writing) than on any other fanfic I’ve written.

Needless to say, it’s an adventure. Writing in different styles, creating different concepts and planning different plots. Also, it gets my brain juices working faster than normal. Meaning to say, I hope it helps me get through finishing before deadlines faster.

Ahhh, what was this post about again? Just a quick update on where I’ve been rushing about while I leave this place dusting?

//side-eyes at my other blog

ANYWAY. In terms of original stories though, I’m working on that one book I mentioned in the previous post. Knifeflight. I’ve talked to my friend about it; it’s interesting, but needs a lot of work, especially in world-building. So almost all(?) of my original works are put on hold for this brain-child.

As for my fanfics? The ones on are really sitting in the corner because WELP I can’t help but spend time on my tumblr fanfics.

Ehh…oh well. At least I’m writing right? :3


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