NaNoWriMo 2014: Knifeflight, a novel

Summary The Knifeflight was a move legendary among Hounds. Two knives, spinning in silvers arcs, dancing between blood and bones. It’s taken down Supernaturals and Unnaturals alike, more kills than any other Hound has ever gotten. The founder and master … Continue reading


Break the Limit

I love to write.

I honestly, genuinely, absolutely love to write.

It’s that one output I have that’ll understand my need to imagine.

From the soldiers with plasma guns in a apocalyptic world, to a hidden realm of beastly humane creatures. Or I could delve into someone else’s lore and create a something of of it.

But there are limits that my mind cannot stand for.


Uwah, has it been that long since I wrote here?

I’m sorry my dusty writing blog *blows dust bunnies away*

But just to update, I have been writing.

And by writing I mean at least 5 words a day, with an average of 100, and a maximum of so far 900 or so words?

I emphasize on the every day part by the way.

Which is good! Because that means I’m finally serious on a draft that’s taking a world of it’s own. Plus, with NaNoWriMo ongoing, I have something to help me keep track of my pace!

I’ll write about my story in abit~ I’m so excited for it!


Two New Novellas

Two New Novellas

‘The Coffee Boy and Tea Girl’ and ‘Love of the Language’ are now posted at! Advertisements


Spontaneous Writing

So I haven’t been touching my stories for quite awhile now and they’ve been staring back at me for quite some time.


That being said though, some new followers and favourites on for my Frost Magic (you can find the summary of it here) has inspired me to get to a new chapter for it. So I took out my phone, opened up a note and started writing in the train on my way to school this morning. Good news is that I’ve started on it. Bad news is that I’m stuck on how to go through with it. There’s a scene of Jack, McGonagall and….yeah I’m not too sure.

Oof, that moment when your plot bunny for a story deserts you.


Sign of the Cycle Update

Chapter One of the Sign of the Cycle has finally been posted! Preview:  Devivo was just as he remembered: cheery laughs and colourful clothes, wondrous gardens and beautiful structures.   Every day seemed like a festival in Devivo. Stone and wooden buildings … Continue reading


The Angel Tattoo Chapter One Pt II

Chapter One: Part II is out!!! Advertisements


Update: A Spartan’s Creed

Chapter 5 is up! Misgivings: Part II Advertisements


Operation: Myth Chapter 2: Old Dog, Better Tricks, a halo fanfic – FanFiction.Net

Operation: Myth Chapter 2: Old Dog, Better Tricks, a halo fanfic – FanFiction.Net.

Updated! @