NaNoWriMo 2014: Knifeflight, a novel

Summary The Knifeflight was a move legendary among Hounds. Two knives, spinning in silvers arcs, dancing between blood and bones. It’s taken down Supernaturals and Unnaturals alike, more kills than any other Hound has ever gotten. The founder and master … Continue reading


Break the Limit

I love to write.

I honestly, genuinely, absolutely love to write.

It’s that one output I have that’ll understand my need to imagine.

From the soldiers with plasma guns in a apocalyptic world, to a hidden realm of beastly humane creatures. Or I could delve into someone else’s lore and create a something of of it.

But there are limits that my mind cannot stand for.


Uwah, has it been that long since I wrote here?

I’m sorry my dusty writing blog *blows dust bunnies away*

But just to update, I have been writing.

And by writing I mean at least 5 words a day, with an average of 100, and a maximum of so far 900 or so words?

I emphasize on the every day part by the way.

Which is good! Because that means I’m finally serious on a draft that’s taking a world of it’s own. Plus, with NaNoWriMo ongoing, I have something to help me keep track of my pace!

I’ll write about my story in abit~ I’m so excited for it!


To-Do: Writing

I’ve¬†always been hounded on by people in achieving some sort of success in my writing; namely, finishing at least one book (for God’s sake!).

And that had been my goal for quite awhile, whenever I’m writing my stories or planning new ones. It wasn’t until a month prior did I realise that writing stories sucked time like how vampires sucked blood for a good reason.

Writing takes time because it needs to be a perfect and satisfying end-product. The process goes from planning to draft to work to edited work to re-edited work (the last one repeats itself a lot of times), until it is ready to be deemed publishable.

So, with this epiphany came acceptance: if I want to write I need to dedicate almost every fibre of my being to perfect my story. Time and freedom is what I don’t have now. One day, that one beautiful story will be achieved.

For now, writing is just another thing on my to-do list.


Evoking Darkness

I want to write creepy and angst. Something that’ll make my reader’s feel as if their heart’s are about to break and that there’ll be chills crawling up their spine. It’s something that I’ve never tried before since I don’t actually enjoy it myself. But the prospect in being able to evoke those emotions are so tempting.



I’m torn between writing these two new stories that’s popped out of my head.

And by torn I mean I don’t know which one I should go for to submit as my Camp NaNoWriMo novel! >,<#

Help me!!!

Two New Novellas

Two New Novellas

‘The Coffee Boy and Tea Girl’ and ‘Love of the Language’ are now posted at! Advertisements


Why taking a gap year is not as crazy as it seems

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By Regina Hong, Yale-NUS ’17 – See bio When I first told my family and friends that I was going to take a gap year, they stared at me as if I…



Working on something new to write. It’s a simple concept for the story but there’s a lot of indecision going about. Should the character be male or female, how should I write things out, what’s the writing style I should take up…decisions, decisions…


School’s Out!!!!


I can start on my imaginations, my dreams and my stories. I have a long walk ahead of me, beyond writing, beyond my fantasy world. The characters I make and the scenarios I create; the challenges they face will be the challenges I face.

Wish me luck~


A Thousand and One Stories

It’s one way to say what’s currently going on with my life. Recently, I started to listen to this Korean group called B.A.P. Aside from their absolute handsomeness and clear talent, what also caught my eye was how two of their music videos played out.

B.A.P – One Shot

A family, a gang; that’s the part these six boys play as to showcase their edgy song. Only, one of them is held for ransom and the oldest, the leader, is doing all he can to bring him back. Of course, while following the lyrics of their song, some stories just don’t have happy endings.

The whole video had an interesting concept, from the storyline right down to matching with the meaning of the songs. And this my friend has me thinking of a whole dramatic sequence of action, lies, betrayal and loss.

B.A.P – 1004 (Angel)

Oh how tragically beautiful this music video is. While it lacked the action and roughness of One Shot, it made due with an elegance that made my heart rip itself out and left my eyes tearing up. The feeling of losing your love is a terrible thing. Especially when you can’t seem to get yourself out of that dark and sane-less hole she/he has left you in.

Each member had their own side of their story to their lost girl; but what’s their background? Why did they hold such fond memories of her? Who were they to her? How was she an angel to them?

My Point is…

Just by watching these vids has given me plentiful of ideas, aus and fics I want to write! Aisssh, when can my holidays start so I can write!!!