Master of Destiny, a Halo and Assassin’s Creed crossover fanfic – FanFiction.Net

Master of Destiny, a Halo and Assassin\’s Creed crossover fanfic – FanFiction.Net.

Disclaimer: Characters/factions/items that were not mentioned in any Halo¬†and Assassin’s Creed¬†franchise (e.g Arnold-124) belong to me. I do not own any characters/factions/items that do belong to the Halo franchise (e.g Master Chief Spartan-117, Desmond Miles).

Summary: All my life, I’ve known what I am. A Spartan, protector of Earth and all her colonies. But sometimes I doubt myself. I am more than just a soldier. I’m not arrogant. I just feel- I know- that I should fight for something else. For the peace in all things.

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