Out of Character

*thinking emoji*

I dislike writing fanfiction characters who are ooc. At the very least, if it’s going to be an AU they would have a semblance of their actual characteristics and personality shown in the story still.

So writing this third prompt fic is a challenge, as I’ve got characters I’m not familiar with but want to incorporate them into the story.

The woes of writing fanfictions I suppose, is not being able to capture the right and true essence of the characters involved when you’re new to them. That, and a lot of research needs to be done instead *sighing emoji*


First Review!

I’m writing my first review! It’s on a new Netflix show, Voltron: Legendary Defenders. I grew up with a particular sequel to the original and I am in love with this reboot! I’ll be posting it on tumblr first, and then maybe muse on whether or not to post it here too.