A Piece of My Past

 I was flipping through a few of my files. I found an old, primary school essay I did. I thought maybe I should share it.


 Far beyond the edge of the world lived two best friends: Celestial and Blaze, a pegasus and a unicorn.

 Celastial had a  mane of polished silver, her coat colour was bright white and her eyes shone gold. Her wings were like that of a swan and she was the falling star that flew in the Sky.

 Blaze was as black as night, his mane was as wild as a storm and his eyes was dark onyx. Only his horn were as silver as the stars and he was the night that galloped in the Sky.

 All was peaceful in the Sky until the sky began to dim, turning it into darkness, blacker than night. Celestial was trying to find Blaze when crashed into something.

 “Hey, watch it!” Blaze exclaimed, rubbing his sore leg where Celestial’s hoof had hit.

 “Change into lime green then!” she snapped back. “You blend too well now that the Sky has dimmed.”

 “Why is the sky dimming?” Blaze asked, the eyes on his face watching her anxiously.

 Celestial sighed, “The stars are losing their will to burn. The Iris Star has been stolen by that mad goblin, Gobby Gobs Globber.”

 “You mean Gobby Glob Gob.” Blaze corrected.

Celestial shrugged and told Blaze that if the Iris Star is not where it is supposed to be, it will be the last time the stars will ever shine. Both knew that without the Iris Star, eternal darkness and coldness shall be brought forth.

 They agreed to travel together as two heads are better than one. The Iris Star was what they swore to protect and they didn’t wish to break their pledge.

 The journey was long but not perilous. The goblin left no trap in his wake. But they did not hesitate as they galloped through the Forest of Stars, swam in the river of Stones and travelled from World to World…


 I’ll continue this story next time…Let me know what you think of my old-school work.


Writer’s Block

If anyone has been keeping up with nicrts’ work, nicrt is sorry for the weeks of no writing. nicrt is trying to find inspiration to write new chapters and maybe even new stories. In any case, nicrt is sorry…